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Very good course content with hands-on exercises! 

Very inspiring teachers, thank you!

These were some of many very positive comments after the evaluation of the PhD course "Meta-analysis in Biology and Environmental Sciences", 2014-11-03 - 07, Tjärnö. 

Meta-analysis is the statistical synthesis of the results of different research studies. These tools and the conceptual framework in which they are based provide a widely implemented, cross-disciplinary statistical framework for quantifying, pooling, and evaluating the results of different studies on the same topic. In this course, students learned how to conduct a meta-analysis from the start to finish. We also discussed some common mistakes as well as controversies regarding the implementation of meta-analysis in the biological and environmental sciences.

Teachers were Jessica Gurevitch from Stony Brook University and Julia Koricheva from University of London.





In total there was 22 participants from 8 different countries on the course. 



The course was funded by the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Gothenburg and the Swedish Research Council Formas.  

Read the course evaluation



New publication:

Individual Specialization to Non-Optimal Hosts in a Polyphagous Marine Invertebrate Herbivore

by Finn A. Baumgartner, Henrik Pavia, Gunilla B. Toth in PLoS ONE


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