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Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology

The Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology brings together researchers in biology, chemistry and biohydrodynamics to collaborate and improve the understanding of chemically mediated interactions between marine organisms and their environment.

Focus is on production and response to bioactive compounds used in chemical defence.


April 2014

MISTRA finance a sustainable large-scale cultivation of macroalgae in Sweden.

The project looks specifically at the cultivation of the macro-algae Saccharina latissima that occur naturally on the Swedish west coast. Saccharina latissima can be used in food or as feed for animals, and potentially also to produce bioethanol and plastics. The project will address methodological and environmental aspects such as new cultivation techniques , mass production of spores and seedlings, breeding of crop varieties and socio-economic sustainability analyzes.
The initiative is coordinated by Henrik Pavia. 

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New publication:

Abundance and Size Distribution of the Sacoglossan Elysia viridis on Co-Occurring Algal Hosts on the Swedish West Coast.
Baumgartner FA, Toth GB. PLoS ONE (2014) 9(3): e92472. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0092472

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